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Oasis Cycles 100 HP Club
The Oasis Cycles 100 HP Club membership is reserved for our customers whose bikes dyno more than 100 horsepower. Think you qualify? We'll put your bike on the dyno and check it out. If you do, your name will appear here, and you'll receive one of our "100HP Club" T-SHirts. If you don't dyno 100 HP, we can help you find a way to improve your bike so it does!

Buddy Mccain: 114 HP & 122 torque 107" SAE (Oasis Build-low compression motor)
Bub Holloway: 105 HP & 115 torque 110" SE SAE (cams, pipes, tune)
John Savage: 112 HP and 116 torque SAE 107" (Oasis Build)
Shane Vic: 102 HP and 105.23 torque 95" SAE (Oasis Build)
Mike Davis: 101 HP and 119.62 torque 103" SAE (Oasis Modified)
John Orr: 107 HP and 108 torque 95" SAE (Oasis Tuned)
Lonnie Westbrook: 123 HP and 129 113" SAE (Oasis Build)
Joe Lacey: 101 HP and 123 torque 107" SAE (Oasis Build)
Doug Bates: 100+ HP and 100+ torque 95" SAE(Oasis Build)
Max Cathey: 100+ HP and 100+ torque 106" low compression build (sae)